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Raw, precious, candid moments

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Hello, and welcome to Westlake Photography, thank you so much taking the time to visit this site. I really hope you like what you see.

Whether you visiting this site looking to book a photographer for your wedding, or simply just visiting out of curiosity, you’ll hopefully find an easy to use platform with lots to keep you occupied.

One thing you’ll notice very early on about me and my work, is that I am entirely occupied with the concept of narrative and the uniqueness of a moment. In my mind the power of photography is in its ability to capture a snapshot in time that can never be re-created, thus the importance of every shot being unique and full of drama. This plays a massive role throughout my creative process particularly in the way I edit my photos. My aim is that every photo I publish evokes a feeling, emotion or story.

I hope today you find yourself drawn into the story of each photo, and that you leave satisfied that you’ve encountered something that can’t ever truly be re-created…


Capturing one story at a time.


Fine Art



Both Max and I had never had a photo shoot before, so we were both a bit unsure of what we had to do or what it was going to be like, however, when we got there everything was super relaxed and it didn’t feel staged, it all flowed well, Charlie asked us questions to do with our relationship, so it made it super easy, fun and he made us feel comfortable! It was an amazing experience and I will be definitely doing it again! Thank you Charlie!
— Luisa Bettini (see to right)
Super photos! Better than David Bailey. Highly recommand Charlie. He is a great director and easily brings people out of their shells.
— Chris & Yuah
I worked with Charlie for the first time a few months ago and it was one of my favourite shoots to date! I didn’t know anything about him prior to meeting for the first time but we had a coffee and got to know each other; he’s very easy to get along with and felt comfortable at straight away. The photos turned out amazingly due to his creativity and editing. Since then we’ve shot at another location and I hope to shoot with him again soon!
— Karen Nijsen (see to left)

Raw - Natural - Fine Art


Jewells Farm, Hemyock, Devon, EX15 3PX